Don’t feel “stories” about Black Lives Matter protesters stymie rescue efforts in Houston.

Hyper-conservatives blogs supporting President Donald Trump are spreading fake news about Black Lives Matter demonstrators obstruction rescue efforts in Houston, Texas, following Hurricane Harvey.

One blog, Mr. Conservative, applied a picture of a dissent in Boston from 2015 picturing beings blocking commerce with a tale where they condemn “liberal thugs” for launching a “vile protest” against Trump during his trip to Texas–where he said several bizarre occasions while meeting with position lawmakers and backers.

The post, which was shared on the Mr. Conservative Facebook sheet that has more than two million admirers, declarations the photo is of Black Lives Matter opponents in the headline but does not mention them in the upright.

The post also calls for readers to “SHARE” the legend if they reflect the( bogu) protesters should be “ASHAMED” of themselves.

There were protests against Trump in Texas during his trip–but no highways were blocked stopping rescue efforts.