I understand members of the general concern about an automated system unlocking your entrance to allow in deliveries. I have no less than 20 fastenings on my front entrance, invisible lasers, and a sphinx who expects a question simply I know the answer to. Answer wrong, and she snacks you.

But some of the more distressing dangers of such systems could be faced by the couriers. How do they know the dwelling they’re extraditing to isn’t filled with vindictive hounds? Even if you’re handing to some fancy house in Beverly Hills, a slew of Pomeranians can skeletalize a cow in 10 seconds. Rich people have on average about 40 Pomeranians per household, a reproduce that reimburses for its size with territorial ferocity and bloodthirsty perseverance. Once they latch onto you, you’ll have to amputate your own weapon to be rid of them.

There are other jeopardies prowling for escorts. The Amazon Key is the prefect delivery system for agoraphobic serial assassins. They may not want to leave their homes, but they do like killin’. Now the fun of murder can be delivered right to their front doorway! All they have to do is simply install the Amazon Key, and a capture flooring that guides into a penetrating, dark crater. Then the serial murderers can countenance smugly over the pit, stroking their 40 Pomeranians as they loftily dominate their captive to, “Rub the lotion( that I can reorder with Amazon dash buttons !) on its skin, or else it gets the hose( that I bought on Amazon Prime at an amazing toll) again! “

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