When the time comes to hounds and the people who fall asleep our forward, pop culture says they don’t precisely get along.

The trope of the dog chasing the mailman was a great one. More often than not, though, the puppy time want to make a new friend. I know my dog has a deep and scary husk, and he actually lets it out every time person droops a container at the door. What he certainly wants, though, is to hang out with the friend on the other side.

Some UPS drivers even get to meet the dogs they hear every day, and it can be fairly adorable. How do I know? It is about to change they’ve got a Facebook page where they document their furry sidekicks.

UPS DOGS, would like first of all motorist Sean McCarren, is the perfect arrange for UPS proletarians national to share pictures of their doggie friends.

Sometimes they await politely at the truck entrance…

…and other goes they pose on the porch.