This week, it was reported that Donald Trump Jr. had direct contact with WikiLeaks during the 2016 expedition. Did he do this in a dark parking garage a la Deep Throat? Did he send a raven on his behalf like Varys on Game of Thrones ? No. He DMed with them on Twitter.

This is just one of the ludicrous occasions that Don Jr. has done lately. In information, his amateur PI work during the campaign was precisely the opening up of his sheer absurdity on the public theatre. Whether on Twitter, Instagram, or IRL, Donald Trump Jr. manages to bring shame upon his family at every turn. Let’s look at the many routes that Don Jr. has been a national awkwardnes this year.

1) Representing his WikiLeaks communications on Twitter

Not simply did Don Jr. DM with WikiLeaks, he invited his father carried out under marching orders from them fifteen minutes when they are made a request. On Oct. 12, 2016, WikiLeaks communicated him a theme decipher, “Hey Donald, huge wants to talk to you and your dad talking about our books. Strongly recommend your dad tweets this attach if he mentions us.”

Fifteen minutes later, the President tweeted this:

What does strategic conceive Don Jr. do after numerous channels including the Atlantic and the Washington Post report on his the negotiations with WikiLeaks? He tweets out his part correspondence with them.

We are by no means legal experts now at the Daily Dot, but this seems … unwise.

2) He tweeted his emails from a Russian advocate

The WikiLeaks communications were not the only plot that Don Jr. went himself into during the election. During the summer of 2016, Don Jr. met with Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian lawyer who claimed to have Kremlin linkages. That this lawyer was introduced to him by a music farmer should have been enough to deter him, but even after the lawyer promised information to “incriminate Hillary” courtesy of the “Crown prosecutor of Russia, ” Don Jr. still took the bait.

After becoming a laughingstock in the media( one correspondent said, “Don Jr. is why Nigerian email scammers keep trying their luck.” ), Don Jr. exhausted screencaps of his discourse with the Veselnitskaya, further fanning the infernos of ridicule.

He claimed he was doing it to “scoop” the New York Times . That’s not what that statement means.

3) He hunted prairie hounds on Earth Day

While countless in politics carefully weigh every public act, apprehending the blowback from even the slightest faux pas, Donald Trump Jr. takes a decidedly different approach. He celebrated Earth Day this year by hunting prairie dogs. Just a few weeks before, a federal appellate court regulated in favor of protecting the threatened Utah prairie hound. But that isn’t all. He went on the hunting jaunt with then Montana congressional nominee Greg Gianforte, who would amplification reputation for body flinging a reporter one month subsequently. Gianforte went on to triumph his poll by a pleasant margin. USA!

4) He wore this shirt once

Look at that shirt.

5) He urged members of the public to vote the day after an electoral

On the morning of Election Day on November 7th, Donald Trump Jr. urged Virginians to vote … tomorrow. Twice. One was less precise. Perhaps here he was referring to when research results would be tabulated.

But this one, which he deleted, left no question.

Screengrab via Donald Trump Jr/ Twitter


6) He said Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich should triumph a Pulitzer

It is no secret that Don Jr. follows and regularly favorites controversial conservative figures on Twitter. He even proceeded as far as to say that far-right blogger Mike Cernovich should be awarded the Pulitzer Prize, for his scoop about Susan Rice. Cernovich is perhaps most famous for spreading the baseless Pizzagate story, which alleged a number of foremost Democratic party members of feeing a pedophilia ring. Cernovich’s work likely produced instantly to an armed gunman strolling into DC area pizza shop Comet Ping Pong in December of 2016, delusionally visualizing he was going to liberate imprisoned children.

Things perhaps the committee should consider.


7) He tried to draw Halloween about socialism

On Halloween, Don Jr. dragged his poor daughter into his network of bad tweets. He affixed that he was going to make half of his daughter’s sugar and “give it to some kid who sat at home” to educate her a exercise about socialism. Don Jr.’s analogy doesn’t certainly hold up when you consider that Halloween candy is handed out for free, just like healthcare in this country should be.

8) Then he likewise dressed like his pa on Halloween

Nothing says” well adjusted ordinarily performing adult boy” like dressing up as your father for Halloween. Though it’s not surprising that Don Jr. doesn’t have many other protagonists to look up to, reflecting their own lives principally been about dominating a corner bureau in his father’s dark, this is sad, even for him. We’re not sure if its the incredibly cheap cover-up or the patriotic spandex, but this is one of those personas you can’t unsee.

This story truly didn’t get enough attention thanks to his candy tweet. Don Jr. is truly very foolish of the information media round to keep up.

9) He announced this Instagram deadlift video

Don Jr. made a flout from bumbling his behavior through government plot to post a deadlifting video on Instagram. You might be thinking, “This is more douchey than it is stupid.” Just wait.

Emily Price at Lifehacker did the Lord’s work of analyzing the video from a fitness perspective, and found that in ending his personal record, Don Jr. “hit five out of seven common novice deadlift mistakes.”

10) Don Jr. doesn’t known better photographs effort

HuffPost’s Ashley Feinberg is a tireless chronicler of the Trump family’s stupidity. In September, she found this photo in which Don Jr.’s home photos are fronting away from his desk.


And while all this may seem tough to surpass, he’s still got at least three more years in the public’s eye.

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